Susan Kolodny's new collection, After the Firestorm, will be available November 5, 2011 from Mayapple Press.

After the Firestorm

"...Gems of evocative perception...deft, precise, and thoroughly engaging." (Steve Kowit)




"...If poems move you, read this book." (Brooks Haxton)



"After the Firestorm showcases a brilliant observer of the natural world." (Janet Holmes)

And don't miss Susan Kolodny's previous book, The Captive Muse: On Creativity and Its Inhibitions


"...This book is highly recommended reading for those in the arts and those who admire and would comprehend what the literary and artistic life entails." (Robert S. Wallerstein)



"This book succeeds in the very difficult task of making lucid, meaningful statements about the states of mind that are involved in making art.” (Thomas Ogden)

The Captive Muse